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Saving Country Music

The Best Country & Roots Albums of 2020 So Far

"Honky Tonk Hell isn’t just a great record. It verifies that Gabe Lee will be one of the next great artists in country and roots music that we’ll hopefully be hearing plenty from and enjoying for years to come."

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Rolling Stone
The Top 30 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2020

"while Lee’s got the balls to directly call out “phony-ass country songs” made in his hometown of Nashville, it’s not completely necessary — the music does all the talking for him"

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Rolling Stone

10 Best Country and Americana Songs to Hear Now

“Punk-ass devil be gone!” Gabe Lee howls in this ferocious twang-rocker, which crucifies the type of country music that lacks bite. There’s no danger of that here — “Honky Tonk Hell,” co-written with Marcus King, is all fangs and attitude, and a must-listen for those of us who could use a little aggressive release. 

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Americana Highways

Gabe Lee Shows Off His Storytelling Skills On “Honky Tonk Hell” (Album Review)

Lee shows real talent as a songwriter on this album. Specifically he shows he has a talent for writing songs that get people dancing and singing along. Seriously. Once you get to know this album even a little bit, it will probably be one that you sing loudly as you drive, or cook, or any other activity really.


New Slang

"Honky Tonk Hell" #1 on X Things I Like

"Honky Tonk Hell, due out March 13, finds him delivering blazing country burners like the excellent title track."

""It’s as satisfying as anything you’ll hear this year."


Wide Open Country

"Honky Tonk Hell" Premiere

"Lee, the rare Nashville native in a city of transplants, brings a devotion to country, folk, bluegrass and soul to an Americana scene blessed with forward-thinking singers, songwriters and guitarists. This honest approach draws comparisons to artists from different times and of differing temperaments, from Hank Williams to Jason Isbell."


Saving Country Music

"Farmland" Album Review

"The only requisite that should ever be placed upon any artist as a roots performer is if they’re willing to dedicate themselves to the craft, to contribute something worthy to the community, and understand they’re part of a bigger narrative that stretches beyond any single artist. Gabe Lee checks all of these boxes."


Raised Rowdy

"Farmland" - A Truly Special Record

"I see a lot of what makes Jason Isbell and John Prine so great in the writing of this album. That is very high praise for any artist specifically being Gabe’s first formal project."

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