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Of Farmland (2019)

"you may struggle to find another collection of 10 songs so well-composed with wit, insight, and soul."

                                   - Saving Country Music

Of Honky Tonk Hell (2020)

"..while Lee’s got the balls to directly call out “phony-ass country songs” made in his hometown of Nashville, it’s not completely necessary — the music does all the talking for him" 

                              - Rolling Stone Country

Studio Albums:


1. Alright Ok

2. Lyra (Queen of the Starlite Motel)

3. Eveline

4. People

5. Christine

6. Last Country Song

7. Wander No More

8. United States of Nowhere

9. Ol Smokey

10. Happy Trails

Honky Tonk Hell

1. Honky Tonk Hell

2. Piece of Your Heart

3. Babylon

4. Heartbreaker's Smile

5. Great Big River

6. 30 Seconds at a Time

7. Emmylou

8. Susannah

9. Imogene

10. All Dogs go to Heaven

11. Blue Ridge Goodbye

Live Records:

Live From Water Street

1. Wander No More

2. Imogene

3. Delilah

4. Memphis

5. Lucky Stars


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