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From Saving Country Music:

"The only requisite that should ever be placed upon any artist as a roots performer is if they’re willing to dedicate themselves to the craft, to contribute something worthy to the community, and understand they’re part of a bigger narrative that stretches beyond any single artist. Gabe Lee checks all of these boxes."

"The timing, delivery, and pentameter of Gabe Lee is impeccable, and one of the biggest attributes of his efforts."

"It isn’t just what Gabe Lee says, but the way your mind fills in the blanks in between with lost American nostalgia and the slow decay of what was."

"More folk than country, but more country than most of what you hear on the radio, Farmland is a bold stroke of confident and articulate songwriting prowess filled with stories of broken heats, failures and frailty, and cutting insight into the trappings of American life."

From Raised Rowdy:

"I see a lot of what makes Jason Isbell and John Prine so great in the writing of this album. That is very high praise for any artist specifically being Gabe’s first formal project."

From The Arts Fuse:

"Lee introduces himself to us through a gathering of distinctive compositions, all of which display painfully profound compassion (and love) for the humanity of others. There’s also a passion for seeing folks get together and make the best of things."

"With the impulses of a folksinger and the swagger of a country outlaw, Lee’s songs feature double-wide trailers, prisons, criminality, addiction, desperation, conspiracy theories, Walmarts, pawnshops… and of course, love."

"This is clearly a singer-songwriter who is planting the seeds of human recognition, who wants to create a Country music that’s steeped in the lived experiences of its listeners, made up of songs that are unabashedly prepared to redeem them and their struggles from the dual vices of self-hatred and commercial idolatry."

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